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PatternImage is a pattern design software for stuffed plush toys   and inflatable toys. To design patterns of a toy, firstly, draw seam lines on the surface of a 3D model interactively., then, 2D patterns are automatiaclly developed by flattening 3D patterns, finally, 2D patterns are printed out for making a physical toy. Compared with traditional method of manually designing paper patterns, PatternImage is fast and easy to learn, and resulted patterns have high accuracy.Therefore, PatternImage can be used to improve the efficiency of design, shorten the design period and boost the competitiveness of a company.             


Compared with traditional pattern development method that needs a designer to manually design paper patterns, the automatic pattern development method used in PatternImage has several advantages.

Firstly, to design satisfied patterns using the traditional manual method, a designer must have strong spatial imagination ability and rich practical experience. Generally, it takes several months to master the skills of the manual design method for a new designer. To be an excellent pattern designer, several years are necessary. For the automatic method, 2D pattern are developed automatically using a surface flattening algorithm. To design patterns of a toy, the main work of a designer is to draw cutting lines on the surface of a 3D toy model. Thus, the automatic method is easy to learn. Usually, PatternImage can be mastered in one or two days for a designer with basic knowledge of pattern development.

Secondly, the speed of pattern design using the automatic method is fast. Using the automatic method, the whole process including drawing cutting lines and expanding 2D patterns can be completed in one hour. For the manual method, a designer needs to imagine the shape of 2D patterns and estimates the lengths of boundary lines, so it need more time to design patterns.

Thirdly, for the automatic method, since the shape of a pattern is calculated by the computer, the resulted pattern is more accurate. Therefore, the number of modifications for making a sample will be reduced, and less material will be used.

Finally, data management is much easier by using the automatic method. For example, once the size of a toy is changed, the process of modifying 2D patterns is tedious for the traditional method. For the automatic method, a designer only need to input a new size, and the sizes of 2D patterns will be updated automatically.

System Requirements:
OS:  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Basic Configuration:  512M memory, 2.0GHz CPU, 128M Graphics Card
Recommended Configuration:  1GMemory, 2.8GHz CPU, 256M Graphics Card
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