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EasyToy is a 3D modeling software. It uses a sketch-based modeling method and a 3D painting method. The user interface is very friendly, and operations are very simple. A complex 3D model can be created quickly by combining several simple operations . Compared with existing 3D systems EasyToy is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. EasyToy has wide applications, including toy design, graphics, animation and education. It is not only suitable for toy designers to design toys and CG creators to design 3D objects but also for non-professional users, especially students, to design 3D cartoon.

Main Features

Sketch-based modeling

The main feature of EasyToy is a sketching interface . The user draws a 2D sketch line,and a 3D object will be built automatically.Most 3D operations of EasyToy are realized by 2D sketching operations. A complex 3D object can be obtained by combining a series of simple operations.The system is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.Even for a nonprofessional user without any experience of 3D modeling,he/she can master the system in a short time. Based on the sketching interface, a 3d object can be modeled much faster than other 3D systems. Therefore,the design time can be shortened significantly by using EasyToy.

3D Painting

3D painting is another important feature of EasyToy.3D painting is done by directly drawing colors on the surface of a 3D model.Compared with general texture mapping methods, which need a process of surface parameterization,3D painting is straight forward, and its operation is easy. The tools of 3D painting include paint, draw curve, fill, and pick colors etc.

Reference Design

2D design can be loaded into the system as a background picture. It is used for reference to design a 3D model. When creating a 3D model, the sketch line is drawn along the contour of an image,and the shape of a 3D model will be consistent with the referred image. Therefore, a reference image is very helpful for designing 3D models. In addition, an image can be used as a texture mapped onto a 3D model. The system supports various types of image formats.

Operation Setting

There are two types of sketch operations, which include simple operation and advanced operation, to control the speed or accuracy of 3D modeling. For the operation of sketch, if the type of operation is set as simple, a 3D object will be created immediately after a sketch line is drawn. If the type of operation is set as advanced,  a sketch line is will be firstly converted as a spline whose shape is editable through control points,then a 3D object is generated after the shape of the curve is confirmed. In the system, the operations with advanced operation include sketch, ellipsoid, extrude, revolve, cut, trim, surface smoothening, surface refinement and curve paint etc.

Compatible 3D File Format

To be compatible with other 3D software,EasyToy can export a file with the obj file format. A .obj file contains mesh and texture information.EasyToy is an efficient tool for 3D modeling. To create a realistic 3D model, firstly EasyToy is used to create the shape of the model, then, export the model into another system with strong rendering functions. Thus, the design time will be shorted significantly.

Applicable to Toy Design

The sketch-based modeling mehtod is suitalbe for modeling free-form objects.EasyToy provides easy tools  of 3d modeling. Furthermore, the sketch line is controllable to get accurate 3d shape, and the resulted mesh is fairly clean. So, it can be well applied for toy industry to improve the efficiency of design. Combined with PatternImage, 2d patterns of stuffed toys and inflatable toys can be easily obtained.

3D models and stuffed toys
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